United Way of Bedford PA Redesign

My dad asked me to donate, I couldn't figure out how... So I redesigned it. This was a pro-bono redesign I did to help the United Way of Bedford County PA.

The United Way of Bedford County Pennsylvania serves non-profit agencies for the greater benefit of the Bedford County community. Their focus is on Health, Education and Financial Stability of the community. 

They have 14 Community Partner non-profit agencies that provide many essential and worthwhile services and programs to Bedford County residents - young, old and in-between.

The challenge

The challenge was a little self imposed. My father was serving on the board and asked my sister and I to donate to the county for his christmas present. We obliged - but found it very difficult to do so. 

After struggling through the donation process, I asked my dad if I could further my volunteering by redesigning the website and making it easier to transact. He said, “I think we’d be open to that.” 

So I reached out to the Executive Director of the United Way chapter and we began to define her needs for the site. 

For me it was a new challenge to not only design a site from start to finish, but also implement the site. I used Webflow to create the United Way’s site using the global United Way brand book and my client’s needs. 

Original site screenshots

Home page (where do you donate?)
Despite the title, these are 2018 events. How do you reserve a ticket?
This lists the partners but what do they do?
Video cool! It's not clickable. Nothing on this page is :(
About us

Our Solution

The United Way of Bedford wanted to align with its global brand book but also keep Bedford’s identity. 

I wanted to focus on this and also keep in mind that a large percentage of the county’s population is in the baby boomer generation, meaning accessibility is a top priority. 

My clients goals with the redesign were:

1. Keep Bedford's identity intact

2. Promote upcoming events

3. Showcase United Way's partnerships and how they impact the community

4. Increase community participation

With these goals in mind, along with accessibility, we have the new uwaybefordpa.org 

Main improvements

I used bigger contrast and sized type throughout

Sourced photography of the county’s hidden gems and culture

Reframed the tone of what a community member could contribute to the United Way’s cause by adding a “Volunteer” and “Give” button (instead of the former, “donate”)

Created a “ticket stub” themed announcement, front and center for upcoming events along with a dedicated events page. These “tickets” also gave pertinent information about the event to increase community participation

The partners are now under “Impact” and with the side tabs UI feature, I was able to create a better reading experience where the user can stay in one position and read through the partnerships.

We made navigation a little simpler, combining some of the pages into one.

We also did some simple things like made media playable, buttons clickable and forms submittable. 

More to come in the future

This project was done in an MVP style fashion. We’re working on how to continually improve the project and make sure United Way of Bedford reaches its digital and community goals. 

Currently, we’re working on making the board members more visible by putting a face to the name in the “About” section. We’re also trying to add a way for people to purchase tickets for events directly from the site without reserving and being invoiced later. This is a budgetary constraint that we’re working around with the hosting site.


This was a feel good project start to finish. I feel honored to have been given the chance and the trust to redesign the United Way of Bedford’s digital experience. The challenge of standing up a site post design was also humbling. Learning more on the developer side was helpful to give me empathy in working with my current engineers (for my day job). It also, in my opinion, made me a better designer. I was able to get creative with components and elements within the constraints of how I was building it out on the site. Taking this back to my day job is an important lesson to more fully communicate with engineers during the design process. 

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